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Cowboy builders; how to avoid them

Recently a new series of Channel 5’s ‘Cowboy Builders’ started. One article concerned a family in Milton Keynes who paid a builder £34,000 to convert their garage, bathroom and toilet. Six months later, with the work unfinished, the builder disappeared with their money.

Here are a few ways you could avoid the same costly and stressful outcome:

  • Ask for references from the contractors previous developments. Definitely speak to or better still visit that customer. See the quality of the work and ask questions regarding value for money, timelyness, customer service and after care. See the quality of the finished product for yourself. All credible builders should be able to supply references;
  • Check your builder has sufficient Public Liability Insurance.
  • Arrange ‘Stage payments‘ before any work starts. At Chilltime Develpments a typical 25% stage payment schedule might be; First payment upon commencing works; second, once the build is up to damp course; third, once the roof plate is in place; final payment once the building inspector has passed the construction and the customer is handed the certificates.
  • Check out customer reviews on the contractors website.
  • Fully utilise personal recommendation if possible.

Here at Chilltime Developments we strive to provide a service and a finished product that we can all be proud of.

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Develop your property now; here’s why…

Now is the right time to develop and add value to your property, and this is dictated by current market conditions.

Estate agents have noted the lack of quality residential or commercial property coming onto the market.

Home owners are reluctant to risk moving post credit crunch, due to job insecurity and more importantly, the scarcity of mortgages.

Lenders have lowered the age from 80, to as low as 65 in some cases, that borrowers can hold a mortgage. At the same time reducing the amount that can be borrowed against income multiples. Government changes to reduce stamp duty have had little effect on the housing market.

However  house prices are rising, at 8.5% in 2014. Many have decided to develop the property they currently own:

  • Investment in tired or outdated property can add value to it and increase the current standard of living. A Chilltime Developments customer recently spent £40k developing their house and added £80k to its value.
  • Once developed it is easier to remortgage and free up cash for a new car or a holiday. If the property was going on the market it could sell quicker, fetch more money and push the seller further up the property ladder.
  • An enhanced and expanded workspace could attract new customers. One Chilltime Developments customer has extended the size of a children’s nursery. Increasing their capacity to take new children and therefore revenue potential.

We know that quality tradespeople are at a premium, that’s why you need to work with a trusted brand like Chilltime Developments.

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